Lenny Kravitz Performs Acoustic Version Of “Thinking Of You”

Lenny Kravitz celebrated his late mother birthday over the weekend by performing a song he wrote in tribute to her.

"Thinking Of You" was written about Roxie Roker and was featured on his CD "5" before.

Many of you may know that Lenny's mother was on the classic television show "The Jeffersons" so you may get a kick out of Lenny's tribute at the end.

What do you think of LK's tribute to his mom?-Dr.FB 

Film by Mathieu Bitton/Candy Tangerine Productions.

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  1. Someday we all will be singing that song. So love your MaMa while you can!!!!

  2. Roxie Roker was so great on The Jeffersons! A CLASSIC!

  3. Pure unadulterated honesty….

  4. WOW !! well nothing else to ad really!

  5. great vid and awsome perfrormence

  6. One of my favourite tracks from “5” & a great acoustic version. Very loving tribute to his mum & thanks for the upload Doc!

  7. …………………

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