Rolling Stones Team With WWE & Others For New Song & 50th Anniversary Tour

2 Shows at the o2 Arena and 2 shows in Jersey for their 50th Anniversary? There must be more on the horizon with a new single. The band is teaming with the same people that WWE teams with to film the shows for a special On Demand version of the show. Early word is each show will be released on DVD.

This is fresh on the heels of the Rolling Stones releasing "Doom & Gloom" which is getting major airplay and love from critics and fans alike that a band 50 years in just do not get.

We are waiting for an official video but for now, enjoy the lyric video.-DocFB

Diagnosis: As cheesy as it sounds, we "MISSed YOU" guys!


Warner Bros. Records Celebrates 50th Anniversary

Warner Bros. is celebrating it's 50th Anniversary with this video montage of the amazing artists who have worked for the WB.

With the way the Internet has changed the music game, it will be a miracle if they make it to see a 60th Anniversary. (So, ahem, can they get the master's back before then?)

Who was the first artist to kick off the video montage of Warner's greatest artists? Watch and find out, but you really shouldn't be surprised.

Blink and you'll miss Madonna. Hehe.-Dr.FB

Update: as of 12/22/02, Warner Bros. have removed ALL videos from youtube.  It was the label's decision and not one particular artist.-Dr.FB