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Madonna Turns Into “Mamma Roma” Character For New D&G Campaign

Madonna For Dolce & Gabbana

Well, you don’t really see her hands in this photo, so that’s a plus from the start. In the new Dolce & Gabanna ad campaign, Madonna portrays a “Mamma Roma” character from the Italian film.  There will be more adverts in the next coming days.  Stefano Gabbana said:, “We wanted to continue pushing our current […]

Jennifer Aniston Gets Smart

Jennifer Aniston. Photo:

Jennifer Aniston has been the Smart Water spokesperson since 2007, making sure she is shot holding the water whenever possible. In a new print ad, she does the same thing, only hotter.  The 41 year old and her abs look pretty hot.  I am sure some of you would still want to be “Friends” with […]