Adnan Ghalib

Britney Spears Flashback!

This is Britney late last week leaving a Starbucks.  The Photo below is Britney early 2008 with the former paps Adnan Ghalib. Britney seems to be a bit ‘wilder’ with darker hair. Do you think the pink wig will make it’s grand return?  Or did papa Spears really burn it?  Let the count down begin…..

Adnan Ghalib Ordered To Stay Away From Britney Spears For Three Years

Remember this train weck?  This couple was even crazier than our current drama couple Lindsay and Sam.  This Adnan guy had Brit Brit under some kind of crazy black magic spell.  She was out of her freakin’ mind.  She showed us some of her darkest times while “hitting” all the Rite Aid joints in LA with this DOUCHE. Adnan […]