Age Difference

Is John Mayer Pulling A Swift One?

John Mayer & Taylor Swift

Rumors are starting again that John Mayer and Taylor Swift are hooking up, despite the 12 year age difference, John (32) and Taylor (20). The “inside source” says “Taylor and John are absolutely more than just friends.  They aren’t boyfriend and girlfriend or anything as provincial as that, but they have taken their friendship to […]

Madonna & Jesus Luz Split

Madonna & Jesus Luz

Madonna and Jesus Luz have split.   Was the age difference too much? It is being reported that the age difference was a problem along with their schedules not meshing.   It was actually Jesus who initiated the split, stating basically that they did not have enough in common.  This is only going to add fuel to […]

Rumor Of The Moment: Madonna To Marry Jesus Luz

The rumor of the moment without merit is that Madonna wants to marry boytoy boyfriend Jesus Luz. Never mind that she is 51 and he is 22.  (I think it has more to do with a slow news day.) Reports are saying that she is dropping hints she wants to settle down with Jesus. They […]