Rumor Of The Moment: Madonna To Marry Jesus Luz

Madonna & Jesus.  Photo: W Magazine
Madonna & Jesus.  Photo: W Magazine

Madonna & Jesus. Photo: W Magazine

The rumor of the moment without merit is that Madonna wants to marry boytoy boyfriend Jesus Luz. Never mind that she is 51 and he is 22.  (I think it has more to do with a slow news day.)

Reports are saying that she is dropping hints she wants to settle down with Jesus. They have been dating for a year but then again, Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian got married after onyl a month together.

There are quotes stating that Madonna said marriage with him is on the table and why not. Interestingly enough, I cannot find where those quotes are from.

So as for this rumor, it smells like doo-doo more than roses in my mind.-Dr.FB

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  1. Now that I’ve watched it more precisely, I think baby Jesus had a little bit of Brazilian wax

  2. I can’t stop looking at the picture of baby Jesus …

  3. well he sure is fine…something pleasant to wake up and look at….it’s her life….she’ll live it like only Madonna can…

  4. I am all for being a cougar. Hell, I’d do him in a second. Marry him????? I guess she has some money to burn.

  5. Oh My God! Do I see pubes?
    The old girl better get a pre-nup …

  6. Things that make you wanna go hmmmm.
    She is more than twice his age. I know she can have whoever she wants but lets be real. How long will this last??

  7. I’m not mad at her..but does he have enough money to buy her a ring? Or is she going to buy her own….lol….He looks good enough..maybe that’s enough for her…lol

  8. … why don’t she just go back to her 1st love (Sean Penn) now that she & he are divorced.

  9. Those fools need to go somewhere and SIT DOWN.

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