Lady Gaga Wearing A Bra Bra Reminding Us Of Madonna (Again)

Lady Gaga. Photo:

After taking a tumble last week for wearing those ridiculous shoes arriving to Heathrow Airport, Lady Gaga took precautions; having her handlers stand a little close to her just in case she did fall.  At one point, she almost did and the handler held her hand to make sure she didn’t. Wearing nothing but a […]

David Beckham Looking Delicious

David Beckham. Photo:

It’s been a while since we featured David Beckham on this site and we have to give you what you want.  So here is Becks and you can pretend it’s in an airport in your town and he is on his way over.  He still has it, right?-Dr.FB

Kelly Clarkson Goes Off On Press

Kelly Clarkson. Photo:

Kelly Clarkson arrived in Sydney, Australia to press and paps and she was none too happy about it.   She turned into miss crankypants at them at let them have it. Listen, I know it is a long flight and a lot of celebs hate the attention at airports but the best thing to do is […]

Whitney Houston, We Have A Problem

Whitney Houston.

Whitney Houston left Australia this weekend looking worse for the wear.  Maybe she saw video of her performance this weekend or something but she did not look too good while passing through airport security. I must say, I don’t look that great when I go to airports either, but right now, I don’t have to […]

G’Day Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga arrived in Sydney, Australia wearing another one of her interesting outfits. OK, the jacket with the bra reminds me of that old Seinfeld episode but what is up with the hot granny pants and what looks kind of like a see-thru part in front?  Not hating on the stockings but really hard to […]