Saturday Night Live & Akon : “I Just Had Sex”

Oh man. This is too funny. Akon hooked up with Andy Samberg to make a new SNL Digital Short “I Just Had Sex” that even featured Jessica Alba. “I Just Had Sex” with my penis inside her?  “I Think I am going to make her my wife, the best 30 seconds of my life.” The […]

Premiere: New Michael Jackson Video “Hold My Hand” Watch Now!

Here is “Hold My Hand” the new video by Michael Jackson featuring Akon. Still not sure what I think of this song and I am curious of what MJ fans think of the video that was done for the song.  So…..what do you think of the video for “Hold My Hand” by Michael Jackson and […]

New Michael Jackson! “Hold My Hand” Featuring Akon! Listen Now!

“Hold My Hand” is the official 1st single from the Michael Jackson CD released since his death and it is simply titled “Michael” and is being released by Sony. Anyone else thought it was going to be a cover of Hootie and the Blowfish’s “Hold My Hand” from the 90’s?  I kid.  I kid. We […]

Jay Z Tops Hip Hop Money Makers List

Jay Z is nothing but D.O.A. when it comes to leading the list of top money makers in Hip Hop & Rap. Forbes released their annual list and Jay topped it by bringing in $35 million in the past year. 50 Cent pulled in $20 million while Kanye pulling in $25 million and Lil Wayne pulling […]

Video: Brooke Hogan & Colby O’Donis “Hey Yo”

Here is the new track by Brooke Hogan. Wait..didn’t the first singles video drop last week? Hmmm. This time, she brings Colby O’Donis who has had two hit songs as duets with Akon in 2007 and last year with Lady Gaga with “Just Dance” and this is honestly the only reason I am even posting […]