Green Day Gives Us A View At First Day Back In The Studio

Green Day is back in the studio working on a new album. They provided a brief clip of them recording on the first day back. The band has been working on new material for the better half of a year. They included a song called “Amy” about Amy Winehouse in a few California secret shows […]

A Clip Of Green Day Tribute Song To Amy Winehouse Leaks

Here is footage of Green Day performing a “secret show” at the Tiki Bar we told you a few weeks back.  It features “Amy” the song that Green Day wrote about Amy Winehouse after her death. The lyrics to the song can be found HERE. Thanks to darklotus69  for the tip and to for posting […]

Green Day Release Lyrics To New Song About Amy Winehouse

Green Day File Photo

Green Day performed a secret show in Costa Mesa last Thursday as we told you about before.  They performed over 15 new songs and one called “Amy” is about and dedicated to Amy Winehouse. Green Day has released the lyrics to Amy on line.  Read rest of entry>>>>