Green Day Release Lyrics To New Song About Amy Winehouse

Green Day File Photo
Green Day File Photo

Green Day File Photo

Green Day performed a secret show in Costa Mesa last Thursday as we told you about before.  They performed over 15 new songs and one called "Amy" is about and dedicated to Amy Winehouse.

Green Day has released the lyrics to Amy on line.  Read rest of entry>>>>

Here are the lyrics to "Amy" by Green Day;

Is your heart singing out of tune
Are your eyes just singing the
Dirty records from another time
Some blood stains on your
No one really knows about your soul
And I barely even know your
Burning rhythms and posting lies
For a bunch of fools drown in
Amy don't you go
I want you around
Singin' woah please don't
Do you wanna be a friend of mine?
Did you tattoo a lucky charm
keep you out of harms way?
Warding off all evil signs
But it never really
kept you safe
You're too young for the golden age
Cause the record bin's
been replaced
27 gone without a trace
And you walked away from your
Is your heart singing out of tune
Are you eyes just singing the
Dirty records from another time
Some blood stains on your
May I have this last dance
By chance if we should meet?
Can you
write me a lullaby?
So we can sing you to sleep"

Wow.  In my eyes, a very nice tribute to Amy.  What do you think of "Amy" by Green Day?-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Lyrical Satisfaction With No Chemical Reaction

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  1. what a fag.
    How the fuck is this a lovely tribute? talking b0ut bloody shoes and drinking and all that stuff that ppl think thats ALL she was about.

  2. what a fuckin cunt. I mean c’mon really how is blood stained shoes and all that negative shit a “lovely” tribute? Where were all these “lovely” words and people at when she was isolated behind the cameras and media ?????

  3. Amazing song.

  4. Billie puts so much into his lyrics..
    you can tell that he really thought about her death, and it made an impact..
    he doesn’t just write about anything.
    Billie is definatly easy on the eyes..
    but he’s a talented musician that can damn near write a song about anything.

    Green Day rules.
    and I really can’t wait to see what their next album has in store for us Green Day fans. <3

    Rage and Love everyone. <3

  5. LOL! *Ho as Hell, not Hot as ho…ahahhhahahaha!

  6. Awww Billie what talent! Amy just died a few days prior and like that he can turn out a beautiful song with beautiful lyrics. And did I mention he’s hot as ho and awesome as fuck?!

  7. I fucking love it.

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