The L.A. Dodgers File For Bankruptcy


The once proud franchise from the way of Brooklyn, has filed for bankruptcy.  The Los Angeles Dodgers announced Monday morning they are indeed filing for bankruptcy.

Frank McCourt, the Dodger owner will not be able to meet payroll when it comes to paying his players and others on Thursday.  McCourt made the decision, not Major League Baseball head honcho Bud Selig.

McCourt thinks this will block Bud Selig from taking over the team and forcing a sale.  The courts may not see it Frank's way however.

McCourt has run this team into the ground by borrowing money and taking out loans against the team and it's property, including his parking lots he owns. 

Straight up, the Dodgers need a new owner.  McCourt needs to do the right thing and not let this drag out.  Hopefully, after that happens, Bud Selig does the right thing, and let's Marc Cuban buy the Dodgers.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Maverick Changes


“Un-Broke My Heart” Toni Braxton Files For Bankruptcy

Toni Braxton. File Photo
Toni Braxton. File Photo

Toni Braxton. File Photo

Toni Braxton is a big spender and because of it, she is singing "Another Sad Love Song" wrecking her mind and her bank account. 

Toni Braxton has filed chapter 7 and says she may owe 50 Million!  Five  Zero Million Dollars!  Damn!  That is some shopping sprees for real.

She filed for bankruptcy about 12 years ago but this is major.  She owes 2 different DMV's and several different companies. 

She values her worth between $1 million and $10 million dollars but with the $50 million debt, that means nothing.

No wonder she was having heart trouble last year!  Owing $50 million dollars can do that to you.

What do you think Toni spent her money on?  Do you feel bad for someone who has sold 40 million records but is in the hole?-Dr.FB


Lady GaGa And Her Broke Ass

Lady GaGa @ Jet Wireimage
Lady GaGa @ Jet Wireimage

Lady GaGa @ Jet Wireimage

Lady GaGa claims that her expensive clothing habit has driven her to the poor house. According to Poker Her Face, she's gone bankrupt four times.

She said: “I’ve gone bankrupt about four times now. My manager wants to shoot me!

“Every dollar I earn goes on the show. Now we’re finally getting to a place where it’s not bankruptcy. Then again, with another tour coming up soon I’ll probably be homeless again.”

Those wings and crazy outfits must cost a fortune, cause we all know even the thrift stores are hard on the wallet these days.

She also claims that she has sex with all her band members...

Hey Lady,  less Perez is better for the ol' bank account :) 

Do you think she just may be jive talkin' for publicity?