George Clooney Honored For Humanitarian Causes At Fund Raiser For Diabetes

With the lovely Stacy Kiebler at his side, George Clooney attended the 26th Anniversary Carousel Of Hope fund raiser for Diabetes where he was honored with the Brass Ring Award for his humanitarian causes.

Stars that were there to raise diabetic awareness and honor George were Carmen Electra, Shirley MacClaine, Jane Fonda, Jennie Garth, Daisy Fuentes, Babyface, and Joan Collins.

Barbara Davis hosted and Jay Leno MC'd the event.

All proceeds from The Carousel of Hope benefit the Barbara Davis Center for Childhood Diabetes (BDC).

They have raised $75 million dollars for diabetic awareness and trying to find a cure. 35 years and $75 million dollars? That is nothing to sneeze at but...I wish it was more.

Coming from someone who suffers from diabetes and is dealing with some crazy foot pain for the past several months, I wish there was a cure. I wish more people were aware of it and how its effects. Since it is mostly internal, there is no way for people to understand the pain that comes with it, the sudden loss of energy, the constant bathroom breaks needed. It is frustrating. I wish they could do even more. I would LOVE to help with that as well.DocFB

Diagnosis: Thank you George and others who put their heart into causes such as this....


Nicole Ritchie Attends Diabetes Event

Nicole Attends Diabetes Gala.  Photo:  Splashnewonline.com
Nicole Attends Diabetes Gala.  Photo:  Splashnewonline.com
Nicole Attends Diabetes Gala. Photo: Splashnewonline.com

Nicole Ritchie attended the 30th Anniversary Carousel Of Hope Ball benefiting The Barbara Davis Center For Childhood Diabetes in Beverly Hills.  Don't fret, she is still with Hubby Joel Madden of Good Charlotte and joined him later inside.

The hot mama has been back in the spotlight again after an appearance of NBC's Chuck.-Dr.FB