Photo & Quote Of The Moment: PRINCE At The Grammys

Prince Grammys Photo: Kevin Winter GettyImages.com Huff Post

In a night filled of somberness, PRINCE took the Grammy stage to present Album Of The Year. In one moment, he changed the mood of the crowd and a Grammy moment or 2 were made.

"Albums. Remember them? Like books and black lives, albums still matter." Poof. Moment and statement made. It was made by other artists that night but Prince, who got a standing ovation just for walking on stage, had everyone's attention. From Kanye to Annie Lennox. All eyes and ears were fixated on the music icon. His message was received loud and clear.

Then another moment happened. Beck won album of the year over Beyonce and Ed Sheeran. Like most watching at home, Kanye West was a little upset and decided to go on stage and then quickly walked off. In 2009, he would infamously knock Taylor Swift for beating Beyonce for a Video Music Award. Beck called for Kanye to come back but he didn't. Everyone knew what Kanye was wanting to do since he did it before. So it made for a comical moment. Let's be real here: The Grammys do what they always do; they rewarded Beck for his previous work in the 90's that they did not give him awards for. 

Class dismissed. #PRINCE #Grammys #BlackLivesMatter #AllLivesMatter. #KanyeSitDown lol

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Back to Prince. His look when he came on stage said it all. Aside from AC/DC opening up the show, it was somber. Until Prince. Perhaps next year, Prince will grace the stage and show everyone how it is done. Perhaps...if the Grammy's stop overlooking Prince's output and reward us now with a performance instead of awards in a few years to make up for their mistakes.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Orange is the new Purple.