Morris Day & The Haim? It’s Happening & More On Kimmel!

“Mash Up Mondays” are coming to Jimmy Kimmel Live as bands will join together to be one-off super-groups for the late night show. According to our friends at Pitchfork, this Monday will feature Weezer and ZZ Top as Wee-Z Top and the following week will feature Morris Day & The Haim. The 3rd will be […]

Tiah Tolliver Covers Blackstreet On X Factor

I kind of cringed when I heard the opening words to “No Diggity” by Blackstreet¬†on X Factor by Tiah Tolliver. Her vocal delivery at the end may have saved her and proved Simon Cowell right for fighting the other judged to keep her. I think Simon is going to keep her into the next round. […]

Old School Jam Of The Moment: Blackstreet “Before I Let You Go”

This is still the jam. Jo Koy reminded me of this over the weekend.¬† During his great comedy act, he brings out new talent Jeremy Passion and does a bit to this song, and it is hot! He brought up how songs of today do not sound like this and maybe Chris Brown should sing […]

Video: Remember Blackstreet? Teddy Riley Does

Teddy Riley ripped the members of Blackstreet, his former group big time on his facebook page for this performance. Teddy Riley said: “DO YALL SEE THIS ISH???? THATS WHY YOU DON’T SEE BLACKSTREET NOW CUZ THEY’RE DOING ISH LIKE THIS. BROKE A** N*G**S!!!!! That’s some harshness right there. But see the clip before you type […]