New Kanye West Video Featuring Bon Iver “Lost In The World” Watch Now!

Heavy on the vocaoder, Kanye West released his new video for "Lost In The World" featuring Bon Iver.

The black and white clip moves rather fast and it is hard to see Kanye through the clouds...and we know that was the idea.

We just wonder what epileptics think of his video.-DocFB


Video: SNL Jay Z & Beyonce’s Baby Draws Prince & Other Celebs

Maya Rudolph hosted Saturday Night Live and had a skit as Beyonce and Jay Pharoah as Jay Z with celebrities such as Prince and more stop by to see Blue Ivy.

I didn't think they would have Fred Arminson doing Prince in this episode, but there he was. They also had Kristen Wiig play an always surprised Taylor Swift and special guest star Justin Timberlake playing Bon Iver.

Also, Nicki Minaj being....Nicki Minaj.

Check out one of the best clips of the season so far.  Pharoh has Jay Z down to a Z....and a T.