Madonna Naked Again! This Time, Bottoms Up!


When in Rome, drop your pants? Well, that is exactly what Madonna did. This time, instead of showing us her tit, she shows off her 53 year old booty.

A week after showing her boob in Turkey, she showed off her ass in Rome. What were those lyrics to "Justify My Love" again? "I want to kiss you in Paris, I want to hold your hand in Rome" That would require both hands my dear.

Maybe she is a fan of "Bottoms Up" by Trey Songz and was requesting it be played?

Like we said before, better showing us that than her hands. Madonna is in great shape but....would we want to see other artists in their 50's showing us their skin? Tom Jones....sit down. You too David Hasselhoff!

So what's next? Madonna showing off her camel toe? Be careful what you ask for, Doc.

You guys having enough of Madonna showing skin yet?-DocFB