Rumor: PRINCE Has A Son

Prince Promo Photo

A rumor is being reported that PRINCE who passed away on April 21st, 2016, may have a living illegitimate son according to the Santa Monica Observer.

I want to stress this is a rumor and the estate has not made an official confirmation on this matter. The article advises the estate, which is being run by Bremer Trust, is are aware of the results.

A genetic testing lab in Southern California was used for paternity tests for the late music icon. Over 700 paternity claims were filed.

The genetic testing of one claimant resulted in DNA showing a 99 percent probability match with Prince Rogers Nelson. It is an unidentified man in his 30's who lives in the Midwest.

The mother of the man claims to have slept with Prince and did so multiple times in the early 1980's while singing at the same clubs in Minneapolis. She was never a member of any of his bands.

He can potentially be the sole heir to the estate. According to the story, the son would have to file proper paperwork with the court to be the sole heir by the end of September.

The son has a choice to be either the sole heir and making his identity known or take a settlement for a fraction and remain private.

Since the lab is located here in Santa Monica, it is perfectly possible that the Observer got a tip from someone who works in the lab.

It's too bad true or not that this tip got out without comment or confirmation publicly from the estate.

It is also not known at this time if Prince was aware that he had a son.

When we have further info, we will update you as we get it.-DocFB

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