Cameron Diaz

Scene & Heard: A-Rod & Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz was seen leaving Alex Rodriguez New York apartment in the early hours and as soon as she saw paps, she boned out into her awaiting ride.  Will she be under cover at the Orioles/Yankees game tonight?-Dr.FB

Cameron’s Got A Gun

Look out! Cameron Diaz has a gun! Run for your life! OK, she is just filming her new movie with Tom cruise entitled “Wichita” but she does look like a xrazy gun totin’ blonde. I would be scared of her, even if she was voted one of the sexiest women of all time. I like […]

Cameron Diaz Shows Her ‘V’ Side

Cam shows her ‘unique’ side in the Fall 2009 issue of V Magazine. Oh Boy! I keep closing my eyes. This sh** is kinda disturbing.  She isn’t Lady GaGa or Madonna.  Only those two crazy bitc*** can pull this vamp, S&M type of style off. Thoughts?

Cameron Diaz Glows On The June 2009 Cover Of Vogue

Cameron sits down with Vogue and talks about the good and the bad that came along with shooting her recent film, “My Sister’s Keeper“.  She also talks about the sudden death of her father.  “I think , emotionally…… it definitely took it’s toll.  Definitely. It’s the human experience. You know, that’s what the heart does. […]

Jimmy Fallon Twits On Cameron Diaz

Jimmy Fallon went to his Twitter today to ask fans to send him questions for Cameron Diaz for tonights Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. Some might think its him being lazy and not able to come up with questions but to me its showing a new interaction with fans, the host, and the guest. You […]