Captain EO

Exclusive~ Captain EO To Return To Disney Paris

New Captain Eo Poster Michael Jackson Exclusive!

Captain EO will be returning to Disney Paris at the end of July.  “Honey, I Shrunk The Kids” will be closing in the next 2 weeks.  They will be working on getting it set up for it’s July launch date over the next 2 months.  Captain EO returned to Disneyland in California earlier this year […]

Captain Eo Reopens!

New Captain Eo Poster Michael Jackson Exclusive!

Michael Jackson’s Captan Eo will be re-opening tomorrow at Disneyland.  It will air for the first time for the general public at 10:00 A.M.  They are touting it will sound better than ever as sound enhancements and adjustments to acoustics have been made.    The 17 minute film, which costs $23.6 million to make in 1986 […]

Captain EO To Begin Test Audiences

New Captain Eo Poster Michael Jackson Exclusive!

Captain EO is to begin testing audiences today, mostly Disneyland employees.  It seems like Michael Jackson’s Captain EO should be opening at Disney in the next week or two. Just passing on the info and when we have more we will share.  We want to thank Cody B. for the tip!-Dr.FB

Exclusive! New Captain EO Michael Jackson Poster

New Captain Eo Poster Michael Jackson Exclusive!

Here is the NEW Captain EO poster for the Disneyland attraction! We have no word when the Michael Jackson Disney project will open but it seems like in a few weeks.  We will let you know. How cool is the poster?-Dr.FB

Captain EO NOT Coming To Disney Paris

Looks like if you are a Michael Jackson fan in Paris or the UK or elsewhere and want to see Captain EO on the big screen, you better have plane tickets. has learned exclusively that Captain EO will not be coming to the Disney Paris Resort.  “Michael Jackson fans all over the world had […]