Christie Brinkley

Old School Jam Of The Moment “Uptown Girl” By Billy Joel

The song is still cool. The video is still cool. So Billy Joel’s “Uptown Girl” is our old school jam of the moment.  So who knows the background of what happened leading up to the video and on the set between Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley? A big shiny no-prize goes to the right answer.-Dr.FB […]

Alexa Ray Joel Released From Hospital After Suicide Scare

Alexa Ray Joel has been released from the hospital after attempting suicide over the weekend. She was being treated at St. Vincent’s Hospital after swallowing quite a few pills over a relationship gone wrong. Billy Joel, Alexa’s father, said she “is doing fine” even though the musician did not come to see her at the […]

Billy Joel & Katie Lee Divorce Story

It’s not as easy as her being an “Uptown Girl” is it? 7 years ago, everything was gravy.  7 years later, it’s being said they grew apart.  7 years ago, there was still a 33 year age difference. It is being rumored that Katie Lee Joel was hooking up with a closer to her age […]