Old School Jam Of The Moment “Uptown Girl” By Billy Joel

The song is still cool. The video is still cool. So Billy Joel's "Uptown Girl" is our old school jam of the moment. 

So who knows the background of what happened leading up to the video and on the set between Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley?

A big shiny no-prize goes to the right answer.-Dr.FB

P.S. If Billy Joel's people or Joel himself (Yea, right) is reading this.  Please contact us!-Dr.FB


Alexa Ray Joel Released From Hospital After Suicide Scare

Alexa Ray Joel.  File Photo
Alexa Ray Joel.  File Photo

Alexa Ray Joel. File Photo

Alexa Ray Joel has been released from the hospital after attempting suicide over the weekend. She was being treated at St. Vincent's Hospital after swallowing quite a few pills over a relationship gone wrong.

Billy Joel, Alexa's father, said she "is doing fine" even though the musician did not come to see her at the hospital. He says he did not go because it would be a media circus. One has to think it is something else.

Billy Joel has tried to take his own life a few times before in his past and now may have passed this over to his daughter.  It is a very sad case for father and daughter.  Alexa is a very beautiful woman who is now battling suicidal thoughts and Billy and his ex-wife Christie Brinkley have to be here for her now more than ever.

If you or a loved one are having suicidal thoughts, please reach out to them.

There are several web sites that you can go to including this one that give numbers to contact people in your area.  I care and there are others that do so as well.

Get well soon Alexa. Much Love to you in this tough time and always.-Dr.FB


Billy Joel & Katie Lee Divorce Story

Billy Joel & Katie Lee File Photo
Billy Joel & Katie Lee File Photo

Billy Joel & Katie Lee File Photo

It's not as easy as her being an "Uptown Girl" is it? 7 years ago, everything was gravy.  7 years later, it's being said they grew apart.  7 years ago, there was still a 33 year age difference.

It is being rumored that Katie Lee Joel was hooking up with a closer to her age fashion designer from Israel, Yigal Azrouel who actually is straight. A 9 year difference in age.  Billy Joel, ever being the nice guy when filing divorce papers, never brought up her indiscretion. It does not mean it is not true, it's just that Billy wouldn't mention it. No reason for him to "Go To Extremes" so to speak.

Christie Brinkley, an ex-model and ex-wife of Billy Joel has come out in support of her ex saying he has always been a good father to their daughter they had together and a great man.  Hmm.  Why is Christie talking about this? Oh yea, that's right.  The man she left Billy Joel for was cheating on her crazy style and knew she never had that with Billy.

Regardless, I hope for Billy sake, the divorce proceedings go fast and smooth and not a crapload of money for Katie Lee who will be just fine doing cooking shows or cooking books or whatever she does now.  Hopefully Bill Joel tells her it's "My Life" and she does leave him alone.=Dr.FB