Cindy Crawford

A-Rod Takes In Laker Game With WWE Diva Wrestler & Cindy Crawford

Randee Gerber, Cindy Crawford, A-Rod, Tori Wilson Photo: Cindy Crawford

Alex Rodriguez took his girfriend former WWE Diva wrestler Tori Wilson to the Laker game last night with Cindy Crawford and her husband Randee Gerber. A-Rod’s pal George Clooney is also dating a former WWE Diva wrestler, Stacy Keibler. It appears that A-Rod and Tori were hooked up via Stacy sometime during the holiday season. A-Rod seems happy. Wouldn’t you be […]

Cindy Crawford Still Has All The Right Moves

Super-fine heifer?  Not so sure Prince was right when he wrote those lyrics about Cindy Crawford almost 23 years ago, but the woman is still smoking and the photos in the new Harper’s Bazarr UK March issue proves just that. I don’t know what it was about her, but she was the crush of many […]

Cindy Crawford Invades Mexico

I hope George Clooney knows some photogs can get a great view of his guests on his patio deck.  Either that our he will def be doing something about it soon.  Cindy Crawford was there chilling with her daughters, which we did not use a photo of, while at George Clooney’s pad in Puerto Vallarta, […]

Cindy Crawford Is Fantastic

Look who still looks freaking amazing? Cindy freakin’ Crawford that’s who. Cindy attended the premiere of the “Fantastic Mr. Fox” last night in London. She was there to support George Clooney in the movie. But let’s get back to Cindy. Is she late 40’s now? Just amazing how beautiful she looks and how flattering her […]