Kesha Cleaning Up Well; Might Go Country

Kesha. Promotional Photo

Some new promotional photos of Kesha or Ke$ha if you prefer, have surfaced and she looks kind of good. Good in the sense of not so dirty as she usually does where you think she may smell. Kesh, who is from Nashville has stated she may do Country music in the future.  “Wake up in […]

Hayden Panettiere Debuts Shorter ‘Do

Hayden Panettiere. Photo:

Stop I mean  Hatin’!  Hayden Panettiere debuted her shorter look and made sure to wear an expression on her shirt of what most people would think of it.  OMG.  For real. This is all part of Hayden trying to change her clean image into something else.  “I’m typically a very fiery person but I […]

Jenna Jameson Takes Drug Test And Test Clean

Jenna Jameson. Photo:

Wow.  Was Tito Ortiz giving an acting performance at his press conference Monday where he said Jenna Jameson was addicted to oxycontin? Jenna went to Vegas the night of the press conference where Tito said he did not hit Jenna and she was addicted to the drug, which made Jenna take a  drug test the next […]