RedFoo Puts Miley Cyrus In A Suitcase For EMA’s….And She Survives

RedFoo will be hosting the MTV EMA’s this year live from Amsterdam and he had to get by airport security while having Miley Cyrus in his luggage. Warning…her tongue makes yet another appearance! RedFoo strips down to his mankini yet again, showing more skin than Miley. The show will air on Sunday November 10th at […]

Your First Look: Charlie Sheen Promo For Comedy Central Roast

Here is the first promo of I am sure many for “The Roast Of Charlie Sheen” by Comedy Central. It reenacts a scene from Dr. Strangelove. Sure hope the Roast is funnier than this. Charlie sure gave them a LOT of material to work with.-Dr.FB Diagnosis: A Bomb Of A Promo

The Grammys Debut Commerical For Katy Perry Performance

The Grammy’s have released a Katy perry commericial for her upcoming Grammy Performance. So far, only Eminem and her have their own commericial. Not sure why they have it or if they will have one for others but check out the spot above and let me know what you think.-Dr.FB BTW, the Grammys air Feb. […]

Saturday Night Live Prius Commercial “Weekend Getaway” Video~

SNL had a funny commercial spoof of the Prius and the break problems it has been having lately. It was technically for Ford, which made it even funnier. I wish the rest of the episode was as good as this commercial. Betty White can’t hose the show quick enough. Enjoy the commercial and let me […]