Paramount Pictures Pushes Forward Zac Efron’s Footloose

Lets Hear It For The Boys.  File Photo
Lets Hear It For The Boys.  File Photo

Let's Hear It For The Boys. File Photo

Paramount Pictures is pushing foward fast the Footloose remake with Zac Efron.  This was announced last year and perhaps Paramount was waiting to see what High School Musical 3 would do at the box office. Well, it is ready to go.

Holy Six Degrees Of Kevin Bacon!  The director of High School Musical 3 Kenny Ortega is set to direct the updated version.  Craig Zaden, who produced the original Footloose way back in 1984, will be producing this one as well.

I am still more curious as to see if they will have the soundtrack be covers of the songs off the first movie, or come up with all new songs for the new version.  That soundtrack in the 80's was totally tubular to the max, man.  For reals now tho, Zac has def really arrived as a major box office draw n his star power at this time has no limits.  Not only that, he is also making that Vanessa girl walk funny, right?-Dr.FB