Slam! Lady Gaga’s Bodyguard Lays The Smackdown On Fan; Hamburglar Upset

This video is rather entertaining. We thought at first that the first girl we saw was Lady Gaga dressed rather normally. Nope. There she was wearing something close to what the Hamburglar would wear. Then, a fan, runs at her and her bodyguards throw the fool hard against the glass.

The fan or autograph hound made a bee-line for the music superstar and you just can't do that. Who knows what the heck you have in your hand.  This happened in Romania by the way.

Plus, with PETA threatening Gaga lately, it may have been someone trying to flour-bomb her. The guy just was not thinking.

Gaga seemed to be very surprised by the person running up to her and how fast her bodyguards reacted.

We tried to reach Gaga and the Hamburglar regarding the incident. So far, no response from either.-DocFB


Video: Britney Spears Almost Attacked On Stage?

Here is video of a fan who gets on stage and tried to dance with Britney. He was pulled of stage rather quickly by the back up dancers. This tour sure has had some interesting things happen, Va ja ja's hanging out, Merry Christmas shout-outs, rumors of back up dancer hook-ups, a thing that looks like a tampon and now this. They were not kidding when labeling this tour "Circus".

Now if only they could get rid of that horrible introduction video.-Dr.FB