Funk It Or Dunk It? T-Pain W/Young Jeezy “Reverse Cowgirl”


We are introducing a new segment to Drfunkenberry.com so we can bring you new music.  Funk It or Dunk It? Funk it if you like it.  (Duh)  Dunk it if you don’t. The first song for this will be T-Pain featuring Young Jeezy “Reverse Cowgirl” and the title lets you know it won’t be award […]

Jamie Foxx & Mr. D.O.A. Jay-Z Party At T.A.O.

Celebrating the 4th of July along with Rihanna was Jay-Z and Mr. MC Jamie Foxx. This photo looks like Jay-Z wanted no ways to party with Jamie who I am sure was getting more Vegas ass than a toilet seat especially on 4th of July weekend.  I mean, J got got B so he don’t […]

Even When Jay-Z Is Knocked Out, Beyonce Smiles

Either Beyonce can party longer than Jay Z can, or he just didn’t want any attention from the paps after clubbing in New York. The shiny eyelid one is dropping a new Blue Print on us later this year and his “D.O.A.” (Death of Auto-tune) track is getting more play then his Nike’s.  They may […]