Rihanna Cancels Baltimore Show; 2nd Show Canceled Already

Rihanna Photo: Jeremiah Freed

Rihanna has now canceled more shows than she has performed on her "Diamonds" tour, canceling her Baltimore show that was scheduled for tonight.

So far, she has canceled Boston and Baltimore while performing in Buffalo, Friday night.

Live Nation is instructing ticket holders to hold on to their tickets as they are expecting the dates to be rescheduled.

Rihanna is scheduled to perform in Philadelphia Thursday, March 14th.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Laryngitis sucks....


Marine Videotapes Asking Mila Kunis Out; She Says Yes!


So Sergeant Moore, but you can call him Scott asked Mila Kunis to the Marine Ball in November.  It was posted on youtube, and Justin Timberlake, Kunis's co-star in "Friends With Benefits" told Mila about the video and made her say yes!

She is going to the Marine Corp. Ball in November in North Carolina. It is really quite awesome! Check her response down below.

Total awesomesauce! Good looking out Justin!-Dr.FB

Diagnosis: Thinking Of Doing The Same Thing For Emma Stone. :)


Exclusive! Ke$ha’s Mom Is “Tik Tocked” At MTV Awards Snub

Kesha Or Ke$ha If Your Nasty. File Photo
Kesha Or Ke$ha If Your Nasty. File Photo

Kesha Or Ke$ha If Your Nasty. File Photo

Ke$ha will be attending the MTV Video Music Awards this Sunday and who she is NOT taking is causing a storm.  Her mom!

Ke$ha's mom is upset that her daughter is taking "Ther Hangover" star Zach Galifianakis.  Interestingly enough, Ke$ha's mom keeps getting Zach confused with Jake Gyllenhal.  Hmm.  That doesn't happen a lot. 

Ke$ha's mom really wants to go to the show and is complaining to anyone who will listen. 

Maybe she knows Ke$ha won't be attending too many award shows in the future?  Career-wise, it's smarter to take Zach to the VMA's.  Sorry mom.  Have to go with Ke$ha on this one.  Check out the photo of mom below.

What do you think Ke$ha should do?  Take her mom or Zach?-Dr.FB


Happy 9/9/09!

So happy 9/9/09!

Does this date have any meaning? If you know, do tell! :)

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