It’s No Joke! James Franco To Make Porn Documentary!

James Franco. Photo: GettyImages.com
James Franco. Photo: GettyImages.com

James Franco. Photo: GettyImages.com

James Franco joked around with Conan O'Brien about making a porn documentary, or so we thought.  James Franco is in San Francisco with a porn company doing research right now.

We are not sure if he is interviewing fluffers or what but he appears to be enamoured with the set and the details that go into making a porn movie.  Wowsa.  From doing daytime TV over movies, we sometimes wonder about Franco's business decision. Was he thinking about this while knocking out in class at NYU?  We wonder.

It has been a while since a mainstream actor has crossed over into the porn world.  Musicians and rappers do it all the time but Franco?  I mean, I will watch it, but it's because I have to do it to report it to you guys. Yea, that's it!

We have a feeling more people would like to see James in front of the camera on a porn set instead of behind.  Right?-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Planet Of The Double D's


ABC Daytime Line-Up Shaken Up As “All My Children” & “One Life To Live” Get Cancelled


The ABC network announced the cancellation of 2 long time running soap opera.  "All My Children" which has been on the air for 41 years, and "One Life To Live" on the air for 43 years, were both cancelled today.

The shows will be replaces with a cooking show called "Chew" hosted by Mario Batali and "Lifestyle Transformations" hosted by former American Idol contestant Kimberly Locke and Tim Gunn.

The soap opera, which was a daytime staple is fading away.  ABC now only has "General Hospital" and NBC only has "Days Of Our Lives" but CBS still has "The Young & The Restless" and "The Bold & The Beautiful" respectively.

I was a closet "Days Of Our Lives" fan by girlfriends.  I am somewhat happy to see their appeal is waining.  We as men, sometimes felt women think they needs drama in a relationship or need it to be exciting to where we are saving them from their male best friend from elementary school who was trying to rape them.  Now, we have 90210 where it's just your high school teacher trying to rape you.

Will you miss these soap operas?-Dr.FB