Is Prince The Real Number #1? The Numbers Don’t Add Up



I've had thoughts about this all day.  There are a few points I am going to make right now.


ITEM #1: Prince is #1 in Retail Sales

Prince sold more physical albums than Urban!

Without digital sales, Keith only sold 134,338 making Prince #1 in retail stores.  To me, that is kind of press-release worthy to get out there.

Also...IF Prince added his digital sales from his own web site www.lotusflow3r.com to the mix, he may win the "all in" numbers..depends what he sold digitally.

Keith Urban's album this week:

·         PHYSICAL 134,338
·         DIGITAL 37,209
·         TOTAL: 171,547

ITEM #2:  Capitol Records (most likely) Made Urban #1

OK, hear me out on this because this happens a LOT!  What most likely happened is that Capitol Records was VERY motivated (for many reasons) to deliver a # 1 ranking to Keith Urban. 

Seeing they were only 3,000 units behind the #1 spot, they "did what it took" to ensure the win.

Now, it's only a theory but it is probably correct. 

If they would have lost by such a small margin (3,000 units) some vice president would have lost their job. 

When it is that close...you can go out and buy the units at a retail store or better yet, Itunes, to ensure the win, and it would be worth the investment.

  The downloads from his OWN site should count on this.  I have not seen a Billboard position this close in a while.  Something is just NOT adding up!-Dr.FB