Demi Lovatto

Video Premiere: Skylar Grey “Invisible”

“I take these pills to make me thin/I dye my hair and cut my skin”  are the opening lines to the new video “Invisible” by Skylar Grey. They are lyrics that teenage girls are relating to more than you want to believe.  Grey is not emo by any stretch of the means but the new pop […]

Rebecca Black’s “My Moment” Viewed 10 Million Times On YouTube. Why?

  OK.  I am absolutely dumbfounded.  I just watched the new video “This Is My Moment” from Rebecca Black.  The video has been viewed 10 million times in the past 2 days.  Dumbfounded.  If this is her moment, let it be over fast and swift.  You guys know I am not mean but…this video….this song.  […]

All Star Weekend Cover Lady Antebellum’s “Need You Know”

“Another Cup Of Green Tea….” Ha! With lyrics like that you know I dig “Need You Now” by Lady Antbellum. 2 Members of All Star Weekend have covered “Need You Know” and it’s pretty cool. Allstar Weekend’s debut album Suddenly is in stores and on iTunes now for only $6.99. They will also be performing with […]