Rebecca Black’s “My Moment” Viewed 10 Million Times On YouTube. Why?


OK.  I am absolutely dumbfounded.  I just watched the new video “This Is My Moment” from Rebecca Black.  The video has been viewed 10 million times in the past 2 days.  Dumbfounded.  If this is her moment, let it be over fast and swift.  You guys know I am not mean but…this video….this song.  Wow.  I rather pass kidney stones than watch it again.

The only plus I can think of is that 166,000 people “like” it on You Tube, and 302,000 people dislike it.  The way she looks at the camera, the way she tries to dance, it is like the video is on a 2 second delay for lameness. This girl almost made “Friday’s” suck for God’s sake.

This video, this song, is one of the worst I have ever seen or heard.  A week after Demi Lovatto gives us “Skyscraper” Rebecca Black gives us her moment and I rather be on the toilet having a moment. 

Am I wrong about this?-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  10 Million Views?  Seriously?



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  • Adam
    Posted at 07:44h, 23 July

    I cut it after about 10 seconds. UMMM question why did you even post this?

  • oceanskate
    Posted at 01:46h, 23 July

    “If this is her moment, let it be over fast and swift.”, and you say you’re not meant.

    The problem is either your A) Not listening to the song and accepting what you’re hearing because your blocking it due to an attitude. Or B) You like some totally different kind of music genre etc, and are unable to see it’s a good song. I don’t like country that much, but know a good song when I hear it for example.

    Regardless of whether it’s the kind of music you like or not, My Moment is a pretty good song. I don’t mean your it’s your “cup of tea”, but it has everything a hit song should have. A good melody, a good hook, she sings it very nice, along with good song structure.

    I once heard from someone that has over 50 years experience in the music industry. They said, hit songs have this amazing quality where people tend to totally love them, or hate them a lot. What’s happening is the song is getting a major reaction, which is in line with what hit songs normally do. It’s normal. The people that don’t like them, usually are reacting strongly because in the back of their minds, they subconsciously realize it’s a good song or has potential to be big, but it isn’t really their favorite anyway. Maybe not the style they like, but they sense it, and that annoys them somehow.

    Ok, it’s hard to explain. But there’s something not typical about this girl. IF she is such a nobody and useless, it’s really odd that every time she does anything, 10 to 170 million people show up to discuss her. That’s NOT normal or typical. The reason is that even though friday’s mistakes scared a lot of people, it can be seen that she has something going for her. People just know she’s was so close to success with Friday. And with My Moment being so much better people are noticing even more.

    Some say she got the attention because she was bad in friday. But you see, I can go to youtube and find you hundreds of really lame videos with truly terrible singers. But they will never crack 1000 views for being “bad”. That’s because they are boring and really, really missing the mark in terms of what a modern, pop artist should be. If Rebecca were like this, everyone would yawn, and switch to the next video, never to return. But with Rebecca, she’s either hitting the mark, or so close to it people are reacting very strongly to it. Even though she (like others) has haters, people on average simply can’t get enough of her. And THAT is the real truth. I’m sure someone will show up to twist what I’ve said, but she’s improved majorly since Friday. But the haters just keep remembering Friday and trying to apply that to My Moment.

    As for the likes, think percentages, not totals. In terms of percentages, out of 14 million views (currently), that means 5 million people have now liked My Moment. That’s a LOT of people. Out of that, some smaller percentage will buy My Moment and that translates in to real sales. Again, no, she’s not Mariah Carey, but there’s nothing in My Moment that sounds bad this time around. Also the hooks answer the chorus, the beat is good. I could go on and on. My Moment has a reasonable chance of being a hit, or at least netting enough copies to be well worth it.

  • Michelle F.
    Posted at 09:54h, 21 July

    The more people talk about it..the more unsuspecting people want to view it..maybe if we stop talking about “IT”..”IT” will just go away…Let’s try it and see, shall we…

  • drfunkenberry
    Posted at 09:10h, 21 July

    10 million views John. 10 Million. Shakes Head…..

  • John
    Posted at 09:04h, 21 July

    I do not know who this artist is but

    WOW That was bad, bad, bad… a 2 sec delay – if that’s enough .. LOL

    Almost scary bad.

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