Diane Sawyer

Rihanna Glams It Up While Chris Wants Her To Shut Up

Rihanna attended a Glamour magazine party where she won the “Back-On-Top Superstar” Award.  Hmm.  They really do make awards up. She looked great. Seems to be as normal as possible after what happened to her.  Speaking of what happened to her, Chris Brown is upset she went public with Diane Sawyer about the beating. He […]

Rihanna Releases New Single; To Talk About Chris Brown Incident

Rihanna is set to talk with Diane Sawyer for Good Morning America and an extended interview for 20/20 on Friday and she will talk about Chris Brown and what happened on that fateful night.  On the heels of that, with Rihanna’s first 2 songs off her Over RatedRated R CD due later this month sucking […]

Is Mariah Tripping Over Whitney Again?

Is Mariah Carey tripping over Whitney Houston’s return?  Rumors are circulating about it.  Mariah’s new CD was set to debut later this month but was pushed back. The reason? Whitney Houston’s return CD was set to drop the following week. Now, Mariah’s CD has been pushed back to mid-September and Whitney’s is now coming out […]