Video Premiere: Tiësto vs. Diplo ft. BUSTA RHYMES – C’mon (Catch ‘Em By Surprise)

This is hotness. You know I like my bass down low, especially if Busta Rhymes is on the track but this dance beat works with Busta's flow.

Tiësto vs. Diplo "C'mon (Catch 'Em By Surprise) with Busta Rhymes may not blow up the way I want because I am not sure Busta's fans will like it, but it is funky in it's own way.

We have more Bussa Buss stuff coming your way later this week.

For now, what should we do with "C''mon"  Funk it or Dunk it?-Dr.FB


Video: Tiesto VS. Diplo “C’mon”

DJ Tiesto is in the mix against Diplo in "C'mon" and it is some mixing magic that I had to share. 

How many other DJ's in the world right now could perform for crowds that big by just mixing your favorite songs? 

Some are calling Tiesto the best DJ ever.  I don't know about that but you can't argue with what he brings to the boards.

What do you think?-Dr.FB