Video: Tiesto VS. Diplo “C’mon”

DJ Tiesto is in the mix against Diplo in "C'mon" and it is some mixing magic that I had to share. 

How many other DJ's in the world right now could perform for crowds that big by just mixing your favorite songs? 

Some are calling Tiesto the best DJ ever.  I don't know about that but you can't argue with what he brings to the boards.

What do you think?-Dr.FB

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  1. When I listen to music I want to feel it in my hips. Thousands of people are just moving their arms up and down. Sorry, but I like my music funky!!!!!

  2. “All these people are in line waiting to see a DJ???! I am in the wrong business!” ~T. Allen Vegas Memorial Weekend 05′ ~ LOL…

  3. I’m not qualified to say whether he’s the best DJ ever but Fatboy Slim holds a special place in my clubbing heart. Back in 2002 Brighton beach I raved with quarter million others, that was some impressive 😉

  4. He Is the Best..Nuff said
    Much Love Tijs!! Ik ben trots op je

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