The Foo Fighters Strike Back!

Here is yet another reason why the Foo Fighters rule!

The Westboro Baptist Church tried to picket the Foo Fighters Kansas show a month in advance.  The Foo's knew about the picket and decided to fight back in their own way.

They went in disguise to where the picketers were and....performed in a pick up truck with music just for them.

Classic!  Check out the clip above.-DocFB

Diagnosis:  Keeping It Clean!  For Lady Gaga & Lady Antebellum


Video: David Beckham In Disguise In Target

It's a very rough expense! Would you smell cologne off of a Target employees leg? What if it was David Beckham in disguise?

Ellen put David Beckham at Target in disguise selling his own cologne. Oh man. We have a feeling you all are going to love his accent n what Ellen makes him do.

Check out the clip above.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Selling It Like Beckham