Questlove Frustrated Over Prince’s Youtube Stance, His Remasters, & Legacy

Questlove took to Instagram, taking a photo of a DJ program where if you look to the top left is Prince's name and we can only assume that Quest was adjusting level's of Prince's early material which has not been remastered and several top not DJ's such as Quest have made their own type of remaster's when it comes to the purple one's work.

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Missy Elliott Joins Katy Perry For “Last Friday Night” Remix


Missy Elliott is back!  She is on the "Last Friday Night" (T.G.I.F.) remix by Katy Perry.  This marks the 2nd time Katy has used a rapper for her mix and it follows the same formula too.

Katy had Kanye West on her remix of "E.T." and it was a success.  The only difference between Missy n Kanye is that Missy is not in the video.

It is a playful rap.  We are just glad it seems remixes are coming back and not just with a DJ scratching and repeating the first line 5 times, then skipping to the chorus and repeating that over and over.

Check out the remix and let us know what you think.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Do It All Again