Drew Performs Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean” On X Factor

To sit or not to sit, that was the question between Simon Cowell and Drew on X Factor.

Drew sat and belted out "Billie Jean" and showed range and strength in her voice in her most powerful performance to date.

She is going to need more performances like that to challenge Melanie for the X Factor.

What did you think of Drew's performance of the MJ classic?-DocFB

Diagnosis:  Getting close to the Factor.....


The Artist Formerly Known As Drew Ryniewicz Dreams On X Factor

Drew (The artist formerly known as Drew Ryniewicz) performed "Just A Dream" by Nelly on X Factor last night.

Drew is my pick so far to win it.

I'm not sure about the outfit but with a voice like that you would wear a potato sack and still sell out Madison Square Garden.

I liked the song but I wanted another song from her.  Maybe it is only because I only get one song from her a week.

Why do we have a feeling Drew did not speak her first word when she was kid but she sang it.-DocFB

Diagnosis:  She has yet to sing her best performance.....scary