Country Superstar Threatened To Shoot & Kill Police While Naked; Mug Shot Revealed!

Country Superstar Randy Travis was arrested last night in Tioga, Texas for driving while intoxicated. He also threatened to shoot and kill the troopers who arrested him last night, all while buck-naked.

Travis was driving a 1998 Trans-Am (REALLY?) and his car smashed into barricades. Randy himself was lying in the middle of the street. When Travis was put into the back of the trooper car, he was naked and rode bareback. That is when he started with the threats.

The above shot is Travis's official mug shot. The bruises and black eye are from the car accident.

Travis has posted bail at $21,500 and has been released.

Who would thought back in the day that Travis would be racking up these kind of records? This is Travis's 2nd DWI arrest this year.-DocFB


Bon Jovi’s Richie Sambora Enters Rehab Again

Richie Sambora File Photo
Richie Sambora File Photo

Richie Sambora File Photo

Bon Jovi's Richie Sambora is entering rehab for the 2nd time.  Radar Online broke the story.  

The guitarist recently finished up a successful tour with Jovi and it was released that "Richie recently has been drinking too much, and wants to get his life together," and so that is why he is entering rehab.  He is also doing this for his daughter Ava, who is 12 years old, her mother is Heather Locklear, who Richie was married to before divorcing in 2007 and entering rehab shortly after.

We wish Sambora a healthy and successful recovery against his addictions.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Living On A Prayer Is Better Than Living By The Bottle


David Hasselhoff Back In Hospital

David Hasselhoff File Photo

David Hasselhoff File Photo

David Hasselhoff is back in the hospital and was driven there by his 17 year old daughter.

It is being reported that he went on a 3 day drinking binge that landed him in an Los Angeles hospital. 

A source close to the situation had this to say:

"I'm sure he'll try to deny it this time, too. And that's sad, because it's his daughter who is suffering when she has to take care of him after a bender."

"It's a tough situation for that family. The parents have problems and don't get along. There's a lot of denial going on and the kids are suffering because of it."

It's like we heard this story before.  I guess I am not an alcoholic so I wouldn't know how hard it is to quit but you would think for the love of your family and daughter, you would be able to quit. 

The only thing I can say is I hope he gets better and one day does beat his addiction.-Dr.FB

UPDATE; Hasselhoff is denying the story saying he was not in the hospital on a booze binge this weekend and has no idea how the story got out.

He checked himself into a tough work out class to prove he has not been drinking.


Amy Winehouse Hospitalized Part 979,452

Amy Winehouse  File Photo

Amy Winehouse OOPS File Photo

Amy Winehouse has been hospitalized again...according to the Sun.

It seems Amy had a night of booze binging and is now at the London Clinic in Mayfair.  Here are a few quotes from the article.

“She’s there because she had a load to drink and was really unwell afterward,”

“Not just sick, really poorly. But as she really likes it in there, she was happy to go in for a few days. She’s spending more time in the clinic than anywhere else at the moment.”

We thought she was doing well lately.  Get well hun.-Dr.FB


Amy Winehouse Drinks In The New Year

Amy Winehouse.  Photo: INFDaily.com
Amy Winehouse.  Photo: INFDaily.com

Amy Winehouse. Photo: INFDaily.com

looks like Amy Winehouse rang in the New year on some old stomping grounds in Camden, London.

She was seen stumbling out of the bar but denies she will be going to rehab anytime soon. No, no no, Amy!  She released a statement that she does not have a problem and she will be just fine.  She even denied being in the hospital for exhaustion and said she was at her parent's house writing new songs over the holiday.

Amy, just get help if you need it. Stop the games.-Dr.FB


David Hasselhoff Released From Hospital

David Hasselhoff File Photo

David Hasselhoff File Photo

David Hasselhoff has been released from the hospital after suffering a seizure caused by alcohol and mixing anti-seizure medicine. Just don't tell that to him!

Hasselhoff is denying the whole thing happened.  Ironically, his ex-wife was busted for drinking and driving over the Thanksgiving weekend. At least David was not driving when his incident happened, but remember, according to him, it did not happen.-Dr.FB


Lindsay Lohan Likes The Boys Again

Lindsay Lohan Out At The Club. Again. Photo: INFDaily.com
Lindsay Lohan Out At The Club. Again. Photo: INFDaily.com

Lindsay Lohan Out At The Club. Again. Photo: INFDaily.com

Lindsay Lohan was out at the L.A. Club's last night, looking like she did not want to be shot by the paps.

You don't want to be shot by the paps, you don't get shot by the paps.  Simple as that.  Should you really be at the club anyway as right now, everyone thinks you are a train wreck?

Some people are saying Lindsay is back to drinking and drugs and although one of our spies says they say her drinking, they did not see any drugs in site.

Interesting note though, she was flirting with a boy most of the night and did exchange numbers.  Wonder if the boy was wearing a t-shirt and a fedora hat.  Just wondering what kind of guy Lindsay Slowhands Lohan dates after Samantha Ronson is all.-Dr.FB