Melanie Amaro Performs “Earth Song” By Michael Jackson On X Factor

Melanie Amaro owned Michael Jackson's "Earth Song" on X Factor. That is not one of my fav MJ songs but she made it great to me.

I always thought the video was over the top which overshadowed the message. Being able to just focus on her voice did it major justice. Loved it.

Every week that goes by, she is really looking more and more like the favorite to win it all.-DocFB

Diagnosis: What about us?


The Grammys To Give Lifetime Achievement Award To Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson Early 80's File Photo

Michael Jackson Early 80's File Photo

There will be an "extra-special" tribute to Michael Jackson at this years Grammys we are being told.

They will be honoring Michael with a lifetime achievement award along with a 3-D film clip featuring a live performance by the late singer. 

You will able to pick up the 3-D glasses at Target stores and it will also be used for the video "Earth Song" which was to play a huge part in Michael's comeback shows.

When we have more info about the tribute, we will let you know.-Dr.FB