Robert Pattinson: Guitarist

Robert Pattinson.
Robert Pattinson.

Robert Pattinson. Photo: Norman Harris

Robert Pattinson, for reasons unknown to us, was in the San Fernando Valley yesterday and ended up at a used guitar shop in Tarzana, California.

While at Norman's Rare Guitars, he tried out a Fender Telecaster.  Norman Harris, the owner, recognized R-Patz and asked him to please sign the guitar.

Now, being the nice guy that Robert is, he did sign it and even posed for Norman with the guitar.  How many celebs would do that?

What did Norman do?  Well, he put the guitar up on eBay with a reserve price of 3 grand.  Now, before you think what Norman did was bad, the money does go Midnight Mission Homeless Charity with Norman pocketing nothing.

We do wonder if Pattinson did end up buying a guitar while there though.  The actor wants to be taken seriously as a musician.  That's something you might be taking a bite of soon Twilight fans.-Dr.FB