Ed Helms

The Sexiest Man Alive Is…..

Bradley Cooper File Photo

People Magazine has picked its sexiest man alive and it is sure to give most a hangover. Bradley Cooper is People’s Sexiest Man Alive…..taking the title from Ryan Reynolds who had it last year. The actor still thinks he is being punked and does not believe it.  We have a feeling by the end of the […]

Video: New “The Goods” Trailer

Here is the trailer for “The Goods: Live Hard. Sell Hard” with Jeremy Piven and it looks pretty funny. It has Ed Helms from the “The Hangover” and even the GAsian from “The Hangover” as well, Dr. Chen. Ving Rhames (where the heck has he been is even in it.) The trailer starts with that […]

The Hangover 2 Gets Release Date

The Hangover sequel will start shooting next year and will be released Memorial Day 2011. Smart move.  People are already craving for the sequel.  2 years will give us plenty of time to crave it even more and not over-saturate the movie audience.-Dr.FB

Video: “Stu’s Song” By Ed Helms In “The Hangover”

Here is the song that Ed Helm’s performs in “The Hangover”  and EW is saying it is Oscar buzzworthy and I want to agree because it would be cool to see Ed Helms perform it on the Oscar show. By the way, it was announced “Up” was the number 1 movie, barely beating “The Hangover.” A […]