New One Direction Video “Kiss You” Inspired By Elvis’s “Jailhouse Rock”

One Direction is not looking to break the mold of boy bands with its new video "Kiss You" which was just released. The song is cheerful, like most boy band's songs and borrows heavily from "Jailhouse Rock" a movie Elvis Presley made in 1957.

The band also pretends to take to the ski slopes and then later takes on surfing. It would have been better served for Harry Styles and the boys just to keep everything in the "Jailhouse Rock" format in my opinion. You have a concept, stick with it.

What I am saying will be lost on the band and its fans for sure. The video already has racked up 5 million views in less than day so what do I know about visual art?

Diagnosis: Wonders if Taylor Swift would mind One Direction's female fans kissing Harry.....I smell a new song for her....


Michael Jackson is Number 1 Richest Dead Celebrity

Michael Jackson Early 80's File Photo

Michael Jackson Early 80's File Photo

Not like Michael Jackson fans are jumping for joy, but MJ is the number 1 richest dead celebrity, bringing in over $275 million dollars.

Mj beat alive celeb earnings of Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, Madonna and Jay-Z COMBINED!

Elvis came in at number 2 with 60 million, trailing Michael by over $200 million. 

MJ was never top earning money maker when alive at end of year numbers.  Now, that is a surprise!

It appears that MJ will be on top of this list for the next several years, more than likely bringing in $200 million plus each year for a while.

MJ fans, how do you feel about this?-Dr.FB


Chicago Hit ‘Million Dollar Quartet’ Headed To Broadway

Million Dollar Quartet File Photo
Million Dollar Quartet File Photo

Million Dollar Quartet File Photo

Million Dollar Quartet is a solid gold musical directed by Washington's Eric Schaeffer and based on the legendary 1956 jam session of Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash and Carl Perkins, is headed to Broadway.

The show, which has been playing for almost a year in Chicago, will open in the spring, according to the show's producers.

"Quartet" is the story of one night, Dec. 4, 1956, when the four singers came together in the storefront studio of Sun Records in Memphis. Sam Phillips, the music producer and Sun Records' founder, is credited with discovering Cash and Presley, as well as recording the work of many of blues pioneers, such as Howlin' Wolf and B.B. King.

The rare recording session became the stuff of legend. Lewis was in the studio playing for Perkins when in walked Presley, whose hits that year that included "Hound Dog," "Heartbreak Hotel" and "Don't Be Cruel." Phillips called Cash to join them, and the quartet, for the first and last time, played together.

This should be a huge hit on the Broadway scene.  :)