PRINCE Photo: Madison Dube NPG RECORDS 2013

More info has been released on PRINCE's upcoming "New Girl" appearance which will air on Super Bowl Sunday, Feb. 2nd. E! News was able to obtain this info on the story we broke last month. "He contacted us last season because he's a huge fan," executive producer Brett Baer said.  "He knows everything about the show. He contacted Zooey [Deschanel] and Hannah [Simone] directly and asked to do the show. We couldn't work it out last year. But when the Super Bowl thing was floated, it was perfect timing." "He  (Prince) said, ‘I want to be involved in the show in a real way and I want to help Nick and Jess with their relationship,'" executive producer Dave Finkel  said. "He's a Nick and Jess shipper!" Baer adds with a laugh. "He's right in the middle of trying to help [Nick and Jess] work through some stuff and it's amazing," Baer said. "His thing was all about getting to Jess and trying to bring out this inner part of her that hadn't been brought to the forefront. The word hip tips was sort of the thing. He put it, I think I can give her some hip tips!" "He's genuinely funny," Finkel says. "He's got a very quiet, wry sense of humor but he kills. There's a moment in the episode where he's sitting in between Zooey and Jake on a bench. And it's a silent beef and he's just looking between them trying to figure them out. And it's hilarious. He has crazy comic instincts."  "He knows that his value as a persona is doing as little as possible," Baer adds. "But those little possible moments he knows exactly how to play it and exactly how to give. You forget that he's done abunch of movies. He's directed a bunch of movies. He understands the medium. His whole thing was making sure that he was supporting Zooey and supporting Jake. It was incredible."-DocFB For the latest PRINCE Spreecast, click here!