Video: Mayte “Ain’t No Place Like U”


OK, so a little bit ago, I was invited to watch a burlesque show by Cherry Boom Boom starring Mayte.

She did a sword dance and then did one of the songs that she recorded and wrote with Prince.  The song is "Ain't No Place Like U" and here is her performance in all it's glory.  I am told that some of the dancers with her were from the "Erotic City" dance troop that used to dance at Prince's club in the 90's. 

Check out the performance and let us know what you think.-Dr.FB

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Mayte Garcia Gives Us That Cherry Boom Boom!



So Prince has worked with many beautiful and talented women.  Mayte Garcia is one of those beautifuly talented women and she is taking part of a burlesque show here in Los Angeles this week.

It is part of Cherry Boom Boom 2011, which we are told is like a rock n roll a GoGo burlesque show coreghraghed by Lindsley Allen.

Mayte is the featured guest star and we are told some girls part of the "Erotic City" dancers from the Glam Slam days, a club that Prince owned in Los Angeles back in the 90's. 

Mayte let us know that she will be doing a couple of songs and will be performing a song "Ain't No Place Like U" a song she co-wrote with Prince.

The 3 night sting begins tonight April 26th, and continues tomorrow April 27th, and ends April 28th.

If you would like to attend, go HERE! 

It is at Kings Kings in the heart of Hollywood.

We are looking forward to attending...and seeing Mayte in fishnets doesn't hurt.  Maybe, just maybe we will have some footage for you shortly.-Dr.FB

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