Video: Mayte “Ain’t No Place Like U”


OK, so a little bit ago, I was invited to watch a burlesque show by Cherry Boom Boom starring Mayte.

She did a sword dance and then did one of the songs that she recorded and wrote with Prince.  The song is "Ain't No Place Like U" and here is her performance in all it's glory.  I am told that some of the dancers with her were from the "Erotic City" dance troop that used to dance at Prince's club in the 90's. 

Check out the performance and let us know what you think.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Baby, It's True....

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  1. This girl is NASTY!!! She is stilll a SLUT after all these years….so glad Prince dumped her skanky behind! She is too FAT for that outfit! And too old to be up there dancing like that! All she’s every tried to sell was sex, and she can’t even sell that! LOL That’s why she don’t have a man to this day….and she can’t even dance. She never could. So glad Prince woke up and stopped being fooled by this skeezer…you can’t turn a ho into a housewife.

    Get some decency Mayte, you look a mess. Even Brittney Spears looks better than you and that’s saying something!

  2. Still one of the sexiest women on earth…mmmm mmmmm MMMMMM!

    We need to see you more often Mayte! Love you! 😉

  3. She’s a little thick the around middle but still sexy as always! Thanz 4 sharing U go mayte!

  4. She still looks hot dancing & dropping it like its hot..lol

  5. What ^1817 said. If she were actually singing woulda brought more to the performance.

  6. from the perspective of dance……she moves well and looks good but i dont see any real substance here. It had an Apollonia/Vanity 6 vibe, which held my attention for a bit but became dull after a while. The song sounded good but don’t feel it was a good selection to dance to.

  7. well ,mayte is still a very beautiful woman,but i see no great show-element i m sorry

  8. She still looks wonderful !!!

  9. Time Works Well, So Better Now Than Then… aaah… Yes, Better Now.

  10. amazing performance thanx 4 sharing

  11. I was gonna say “there should be a stripper pole up there” and then low and behold at the 2:35 mark….


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