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George Clooney Knows How To Manage His Millions

George Clooney Photo: Nigel Parry for Esquire

George Clooney will be on the cover of the January issue of Esquire Magazine talking about his millions, a killer script, and his clout. George sat down with Esquire recently and shared his money tips: “I didn’t put money in the stock market. To me that’s like Vegas without the dancing girls — none of […]

The Sexiest Woman Alive Is……..

Rihanna. File Photo

Esquire announced its sexiest woman alive for 2011 after Minka Kelly won it in 2010. The Sexiest woman alive, according to Esquire is Rihanna.  If it seems you have read this before, you most likely have, as Rihanna is topping a lot of sexiest woman alive polls. Here are some comments from the writer of the […]

The Sexiest Woman Alive Is……Really?

The sexiest woman alive…according to Esquire is Minka Kelly.   Hmm.  I love how she is known for her backside but in the video, they rarely feature that. She looks like Leighton Meester in this video as well.  Did Esquire get it right?-Dr.Fb

Roger Ebert Is A Fighter

Roger Ebert. Esquire Magazine

Roger Ebert may not be able to eat, drink or even talk but he let’s his voice still be heard through his writing. In the new issue of Esquire, Ebert shows how brave he is after battling thyroid cancer and the having jaw removal surgery.  He still has bite as his Twitter messages show and […]