The Sexiest Woman Alive Is……..

Rihanna. File Photo

Rihanna. File Photo

Esquire announced its sexiest woman alive for 2011 after Minka Kelly won it in 2010.

The Sexiest woman alive, according to Esquire is Rihanna.  If it seems you have read this before, you most likely have, as Rihanna is topping a lot of sexiest woman alive polls.

Here are some comments from the writer of the article of Eaquire regarding Rihanna;

She grabs her own radiant ass — she handles it, offers it — like it’s a rump roast. She squats and spreads her legs, settles a hand between them, where it stays. Caresses her breasts. She masturbates a dancer with the help of a cane. She pretends to go down on the keytarist.

Rihanna is the indisputable champion of carnal pop. At this moment, in this room, she is the essence of Fuck.

She is lacquered. She glistens. She looks wet, actually.

Hmm.  is that what it takes to be considered sexy?  All this time, I thought it was the attitude and not exactly the lack of clothes or being the essence of fuck.  Shows you what I know.

So, do you agree?  Is Rihanna the sexiest woman alive?-DocFB

Diagnosis:  Rather Be The Essence Of Cool




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