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Jill Scott: Hubby-To-Be Left Shortly After Baby Was Born

Jill told Essence Magazine, fiancee Lil John, was there for only a few days after the baby was born.  She doesn’t seem to sad about it.  Co-parenting works best if you can’t make the relationship work. Best of luck to ya Jill 🙂 ESSENCE.COM: Well, at least your hubby-to-be was there to support. How has […]

Video~Ginuwine Breaks His Silence, ‘A Man’s Thoughts’

Oh what a beautiful man, let me be the first to jump for joy he is back.  After the death of his parents he faded and according to his interview with Essence Magazine, he went into deep depression and had thoughts of suicide.  Ginuine told Essence, “I didn’t want to live anymore”. Thankfully, he remained […]

Queen Latifah On The Cover Of Essence Magazine

Latifah graces the cover of July 2009’s issue of Essence Magazine.  She talks about marriage, commitment, and sadly, being abused as a child. Of the traumatic experience, Latifah tells that she was violated by a teenage babysitter, saying: “He violated me. I never told anybody. I just buried it as deeply as I could and […]

Jennifer Hudson Expecting?

Essence Magazine says Ms. Hudson and fiance David Otunga are pregnant.  Hudson’s reps have responded saying, ” No no no no way”.  Only time will tell…… If this is indeed true, Congrats Jennifer 🙂