Queen Latifah On The Cover Of Essence Magazine

Queen Latifah Essence Magazine
Queen Latifah Essence Magazine

Queen Latifah Essence Magazine

Latifah graces the cover of July 2009's issue of Essence Magazine.  She talks about marriage, commitment, and sadly, being abused as a child.

Of the traumatic experience, Latifah tells that she was violated by a teenage babysitter, saying:

“He violated me. I never told anybody. I just buried it as deeply as I could and kept people at an arms length. I never really let a person get too close to me.”

She also admits that, because of the abuse, she’s since struggled with commitment. “I could have been married years ago, but I had a commitment issue.”

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  1. It sounds like you’re creating problems yourself by trying to solve this issue instead of looking at why their is a problem in the first place

  2. Latifah IS the Queen I always say.. Love her!

  3. Queen is FIERCE!!!!! She gets more beautiful with age! And I don’t give a rats ass if she did have help. She’s fabulous!!!!!

  4. Married to the personal trainer chick?

  5. Latifah’s pictures inside the magazine are gorgeous!!

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