Taylor Isn’t So Swift With Her Grammys

Taylor Swift Grammys
Taylor Swift Grammys

Taylor Swift. Photo: GettyImages.com

Taylor Swift could not hold on to her Grammys last night.  The 4 time winner last night (her first 2 were given out before the show and she was even more excited then.)

The grammy falling mid-air is an instant classic photo and her look of surprise of "oh sheeeet, it's gonna break" is funny.

Where's Kanye when you need him?-Dr.FB


Video: Brooke Hogan Featuring Stack$ “Falling”

Here is the new single from Brooke Hogan, you know Hulk Hogan's daughter, and she is still pursuing a music career.  This time, she hooks up with producer and boyfriend Stack$ for this track.

So does Brooke look good just laying there or should she be moving to the song?  Should Brooke give it up or get on up?-Dr.FB